Holistic Lifestyle Coaching by Patricia Philippe

Client Praise 

"Before I started working with Patricia, the everyday pressures of life often left me feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, and without knowing what was really wrong, I knew I needed to do more to take charge of my health. From our first conversation I knew that I made the right choice in working with her on my journey and her own testimony was completely relate-able. I would describe Patricia's coaching style as gentle, honest, and she encourages you to be accountable to your commitments. Her holistic approach starts from the inside out, and helped me identify how external and internal factors were impacting my health, as well as simple self care practices and tips for eating and living better. Most of all, working with Patricia helped me to identify a simple but devastating health issue that had been ailing me for some time, and develop a plan for managing my symptoms. I have so much more energy and am truly grateful to have completed the program. We spend money on frivolous things sometimes but good health is paramount to all of this, I would encourage anyone considering health and wellness coaching to make this investment in yourself." - Anonymous Individual Coaching Program Participant

"I joined the self-care group because I am always looking for ways to take better care of myself. At times, I become so busy and overwhelmed that I place self-care last on my
to-do list and/or I shut down and become completely unproductive.  The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I find myself happier overall. I think more about the multitude of possibilities that are within reach. I feel more in charge of my life. One of the reasons why I believe this change has come is a direct result of spending more time with myself through meditations and journaling.  I would describe my coach Patricia as a passionate, thoughtful, and an invested individual. She is a very attentive listener and makes you feel right at home. I personally am not one to quickly open up to others, but I felt very comfortable expressing my thoughts and ideas with Patricia and within the group dynamic. Patricia does an excellent job of making herself available to answer questions, listen to concerns, as well as provide follow up to previous discussions. She always provides genuine non-judgmental feedback and insights."  - Basirat O. - Self-Care Wellness Group

As a client, mentee and friend, I can unequivocally say that knowing and working with Patricia has changed and improved my life many times over during the past 6 years. Patricia always knows the right questions to ask, the appropriate amount of pushing and encouragement to give and when to give feedback vs when to allow me to come to things myself. I've found this empowering and indicative of the fact that she's passionate about what she does and knows what her clients need to grow and improve their health. She's also a talented leader and writer. Watching her share her light and writing gifts with the world inspired me to start writing poetry seriously a few years ago. Today, I am a published poet with work appearing in several publications. I am also a poetry MFA candidate at one of the leading Creative Writing MFA programs in the country. Patricia is THE person to have on your team, because of her gift for helping people rise to the next level in their lives while also improving their health."
- Nadia A. - Self-Care Wellness Group

“I wholeheartedly recommend Patricia as a holistic lifestyle coach. I recently completed a 6 month program with her. Patricia is deeply intuitive, shares a wealth of resources and gently guides you through the program with no judgment. She is especially well versed with self-care techniques and sensitive to the needs of caregivers - who oftentimes put themselves last on the list of competing demands. I was able to identify a sugar addiction and make more mindful and healthy food choices. A trial elimination diet also aided me in slowly but surely implementing a new lifestyle. Mindfulness is a tool that I continue to utilize in all areas of my life. She asks insightful questions that assist in self-discovery, planning and goal setting. Patricia also utilizes aromatherapy and other modalities in her holistic coaching approach. Through her intuition, she tailors handouts and resources according to your needs. I highly recommend. If you are looking for a jumpstart in understanding your mind body spirit connection and whole health, Patricia's the one for you!”Karyn E. - Individual Coaching Program Participant


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