Holistic lifestyle coaching by Patricia Philippe

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Tired of living life by others expectations?

Drained from relationships that don't nurture you?

Overwhelmed by stress? 

Fed up with those nagging cravings?

Caring for others but not for yourself?

Ready to thrive on your own terms?

A Holistic Lifestyle Coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you with ongoing support and tools as you set goals and make small lifestyle changes that improve your health and happiness.  All programs take place virtually and are designed to help you gain more energy, achieve balance and be healthy in mind, body and spirit.  Through deep listening, intuitive questions, insightful coaching, creative assignments and access to a wealth of personalized resources, you will be guided through the discovery of how to infuse joy, balance, nourishment and deep replenishment into your daily life.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how I can support you through the inner and outer journey of living the life you've always wanted.

As your Coach, I will support you to give up others expectations of how to live and explore what works best for you. 

  • Rather than continuing to live life on autopilot where everyone's needs are met except yours, this program guides you through the inner and outer journey of transformation to rebuild your life on your terms.  
  • Whether you're focused on weight loss or living a holistic lifestyle overall, this program supports you to make the small lifestyle changes needed to eat healthier, gain more energy and build self-care practices into your daily life.  
  • Feel energized and balanced in six weeks with focused and frequent coaching to get you back on track with food, mood, stress and sleep.

To decide if holistic lifestyle coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me.
During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle needs to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

Want support to fully thrive in your life? Schedule your complimentary consultation today! 

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