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Find Your Tribe

Social media is depressing!  The more I connect with women, the more I hear this.  So many are secretly living lonely and isolated lives where they feel disconnected. So much of our time and energy is spent on social media. On the one hand it offers a sense of connection that can be a much needed source of support.  On the other hand, we often compare our lives to what others are posting on Facebook and that can lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression. "I wish I had friends to hang out with,"we might say. Well, you can! Just not from your living room couch staring at a screen!

I recently googled "find your tribe." While reading the articles, it occurred to me that people are looking to build authentic relationships, spend more face-time with the people they love and be part of a community where they feel safe, protected and supported. Do you agree? Do you find yourself hanging out alone at home connecting on social media but feeling isolated in your own life? What are you going to do about it?
It doesn't matter how much kale you eat. Having real and meaningful connections are a large part of living a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel like you don't have any meaningful connections, don't fret. You can start from wherever you are. Here's how.

Review the list of your social media friends. Who would you like to know better? Are there friends or family members that you would like to spend more time with? Be intentional about making it happen. Proactively reach out and connect. Being vulnerable can be scary. You may be afraid of rejection. But nothing will change if you don't do something other than what you have been doing. The point is to connect for real!

Don't want to go out because you feel depressed? Do you find yourself using social media to share your life challenges because you don't have anyone else to talk to? We all need support in our lives to help us move through challenging life circumstances. Friends and family might not be enough to move you forward. Consider working with a professional. Last year, I joined a phone bereavement group led by a licensed social worker trained in dealing with grief.  Connecting with other former caregivers was a deeply nourishing experience that resulted in expanding my network.

Take a look at your interests and leave the house with the intention of enjoying an activity that you find fun. Is there an activity you have always wanted to try, but don't have anyone to do it with? I bet there's a meetup group for that in your area. If there isn't, consider starting your own. While helping my sister care for our mom, I was only available to hangout on Friday nights. So I started a group called Friday Night Singles 40 plus and scheduled the activities around my availability. The point is that there is always a way to get your needs met if you're willing to be creative.

Get out there. Make some new connections. Laugh and play!

Find Your Tribe. Build Community. Have Fun!
Would you like someone to brainstorm with about going from isolation to a life filled with meaningful relationships? Schedule a complimentary consult to learn how you can fully thrive in your life and be healthy in mind, body and spirit. 


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