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Self-care is one of the most neglected aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. You try your best to manage all the moving parts, but your life feels out of balance and you're exhausted from being a superwoman.  What's worse is that you're living in a way that is completely out of alignment with who you are and how you really want to live.  Whether you're a single mom, busy professional, entrepreneur or caregiver, finding time to take care of yourself and live a life of your own design doesn't have to be an impossible challenge to overcome.  With a few simple lifestyle changes, you can feel deeply nourished, full of energy and excited about your life again.   Self-care doesn't have to be selfish and you can't keep pouring from an empty cup. Rather than just surviving, it's time to get your life back so that you can thrive on your own terms.   

Being healthy is about so much more than the food on your plate.  Most approaches to healthy eating focus on counting calories and long lists of restrictions.  My focus is on helping you learn what works best for your unique body and honors your culture and lifestyle preferences.  In Self-Care for a Healthy Soul Programs, we strive for balance and tackle everything from eating healthy to improving your mood to finding outlets for creative self-expression so you can shine your light in the world. Together we create a bridge to living the life you've always wanted.  All it takes is an investment in yourself.  

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I recently Googled "find your tribe." While reading the articles, it occurred to me that people crave authentic relationships where they be part of a community where they feel safe, protected and supported. It doesn't matter how much kale you eat. Having meaningful relationships are a large part of living a healthy lifestyle. If you're feeling lonely and isolated in your life, take a look at these tips to make new connections.

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